Something New and a New Deal

Rob pic

I’m very excited to announce the latest installment of my short fiction collection The Ink and the Drumming! The second story, ROB, follows Rob Donnelly on what turns into a very interesting day.

When Rob Donnelly woke up this morning, he anticipated today would be the worst day of his life. At one thirty in the afternoon, the divorce he never wanted from his wife of twenty-four years will be final, but he won’t be there. Rob will be spending the day in Philadelphia, where the national tour of a musical he is performing in is currently playing.

Not wanting to let the day get the better of him, Rob has made plans to spend the day solo. As a series of events unfold, Rob realizes that while he may be by himself, he is anything but alone.

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Now, through Thursday, October 5, 2017, you can get story #1, MARTIN, for FREE! Just click here!