A Man and His Dog: Watson and Me!


BUY YOUR COPY NOW!  ONLY $15.00 with 20% of each sale going to Don’t Bully Us!

For now, we are only able to accept PayPal  (or stacks of wrapped one hundred dollar bills!) Soon, we hope to be able to take credit cards.

Also, 20% of the proceeds from every book go directly to the support of http://www.dontbullyus.com a rescue in the Philadelphia area that saved Watson and his family.

PAYPAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please use the “PERSONAL PAYMENT” option and make sure to leave how many copies you need and your shipping address in the “ADD A NOTE” option before completing the transaction.

My PayPal account is scottlangdonproject@gmail.com

If you can’t do PayPal, email me @ scottlangdonproject@gmail.com and we’ll make other arrangements.

Head on over to PayPal now and grab a few copies! Great stocking stuffers!!

All kidding aside, thank you SO MUCH for all your support. It means the world!

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Author: Scott Langdon

Scott Langdon is an actor and writer living just outside of Philadelphia in Bristol, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah, and their dog, Watson. Before the Time of Covid, he could be seen on stages throughout the professional Philadelphia theater community or writing in a local Starbucks, where the only way they could get rid of him was to tell him there was a pandemic. He has a hard time knowing when he's not wanted.

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