A Man and His Dog 3/18/18

WATSON: Remember when Daniel Day-Lewis was president and he was talk—

ME: That was Abraham Lincoln, and Daniel Day-Lewis is an actor who played him.

WATSON: Whatever…So, remember when Daniel was talking to this guy, and the guy was like, “You look like you have aged ten years in this last year alone.”?

ME: Uh…yes. And?

WATSON: Nothing. That was just a good scene, that’s all.

ME: Right.

WATSON: I mean, I think you look great for your age!

ME: For my age?

WATSON: You have two children old enough to vote. That takes a while.

ME: I wish it had taken longer, if you want to know the truth.

WATSON: Yeah, everybody says that. I know what you mean though. One year I’m seven, the next I’m a fourteen year-old struggling with hormones, and by Christmas I’ll be old enough to drink. It all goes by so fast. I could be in one of those old ALPO commercials. “Here’s a handsome fella named Watson. He’s three years old. That’s twenty-one to you and me!”

ME: Thank you for the calculus lesson, Lorne Greene.


When you lay it out like that, though, I can see how you’d want to make the most of the day.

WATSON: That’s why dogs live in the moment, baby. You should try it.

ME: Yeah, I probably should.


WATSON: But if we were talking future, you know who I want to play me in the movie of us after I’m gone. Dan—

ME: Daniel Day-Lewis. Right. Gotcha.

WATSON: That guy can be anyone!

Author: Scott Langdon

Scott Langdon is an actor and writer living just outside of Philadelphia in Bristol, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah, and their dog, Watson. Before the Time of Covid, he could be seen on stages throughout the professional Philadelphia theater community or writing in a local Starbucks, where the only way they could get rid of him was to tell him there was a pandemic. He has a hard time knowing when he's not wanted.

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