Happy New Year! (I want to show you something!)

Bristol Borough, PA: December 2020

This past year has been…

This past year has been.

There were several times during 2020 when I found myself seeming to drift away from who I truly am. I was feeling separate from everything and unimportant to the world.

The thing is, that’s not possible.

Nobody goes anywhere “away from themselves.” You are always intimately, inextricably connected to that which you truly are: Love itself.

Whenever I would find myself feeling like I was getting lost, like I was *becoming* my depression or feelings of deep confusion, I discovered I was being led by that which is my essential self to various performances or pieces of art that would remind me of the connection we all share.

The way these pieces of art came into my life at just the right moment when I would be available to receive them is nothing short of a miracle to me.

All day today and daily until I finish, I’m going to post these beautiful bits. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and even if you don’t, maybe you will be encouraged to find the things that bring you joy.

Just share them, won’t you? It’s no good, keeping things to yourself!

Happy New Year!!

Peace to you!


Author: Scott Langdon

Scott Langdon is an actor and writer living just outside of Philadelphia in Bristol, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah, and their dog, Watson. Before the Time of Covid, he could be seen on stages throughout the professional Philadelphia theater community or writing in a local Starbucks, where the only way they could get rid of him was to tell him there was a pandemic. He has a hard time knowing when he's not wanted.

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