I’m a Fan Friday: Twenty-One for 2021 – #16

Our Honeymoon in Paris, June 2017

I love Paris.

I love just about everything about it. I had the chance to visit there for only thirty-six hours in June of 1987 while on tour, but I was miserable the entire time!

Turns out, I had Mononucleosis.

“Ohhh! No wonder he was being such a douche! It all makes sense, now!”

Since then, I desperately wanted a redo.

On June 8, 2017, Sarah and I were married in a simple ceremony. It was the Judge, our photographer and friend Kim Carson (We love our photos!!), and the two of us. That was it.

It was a perfect moment.

For the next day and a half, we enjoyed our beautiful City of Brotherly Love before flying out to experience the fantastically amazing City of Light!

We were there for a week. It never rained once. It was everything I had remembered and hoped for.

Sarah had the time of her life, and that’s all I wanted in the end, really.

Nowadays, when I’m down and in need of it, I go to the opening three minutes and twenty-one seconds of Woody Allen’s beautiful film, “Midnight in Paris.”

It’s meant to be a day in Paris, but every time I watch it through, I relive one of the most perfect weeks of my life.

It makes me happy, plain and simple.

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