I’m a Fan Friday: Twenty-One for 2021 – #5

Bristol Borough, PA – 2019

The term “Mob” has never really enjoyed the kind of popularity that its family members have had.

“Crowd,” “Group,” and “Assembly” have all had their troubles from time to time (sometimes misinterpretations, sometimes not), but “Mob” has never been given a whole lot of positive press.

The events of the past week haven’t helped matters much. Obviously.

But, if you’re a friend of this underdog term, there is good news. Just when all might seem lost, in comes “Flash” to the rescue!

Pair “Flash” with “Mob” and you end up with one of the greatest things of all time: the flashmob.


I love ’em!!

Here’s one of the great ones, but don’t take my word for it. After you’ve watched this joy, feel free to follow down the rabbit hole of videos that are the “Mob” in its absolute Sunday best!


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