“A Man and His Dog”

March 10, 2021

ME: Hey, buddy! What’s up?
WATSON: Just wanted to say thanks for the gift.
ME: You’re very welcome, my friend. I know you love the bull penis.
WATSON: Did you just say “bull penis” to me?
ME: Yes, you love them. What do you think you’ve got in your mouth right now?
WATSON: Uhhh…rawhide?
ME: Ha! No, that thing’s made out of—
WATSON: Yes, I get it! Thank you!
ME: What? You don’t like it now?
WATSON: Well, you could have let me keep thinking it was rawhide. What is it you say? “I don’t need to know how the sausage is made?” Don’t you say that all the time?
ME: Well, not all—
WATSON: Now I have to go bury this in the couch and pretend it’s rawhide when I find it again at Thanksgiving.
ME: Sorry, Dude.
ME: Boy, you’re really not going to like the cow patty I got you, then.
WATSON: Oh, come on!!

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Author: Scott Langdon

Scott Langdon is an actor and writer living just outside of Philadelphia in Bristol, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah, and their dog, Watson. Before the Time of Covid, he could be seen on stages throughout the professional Philadelphia theater community or writing in a local Starbucks, where the only way they could get rid of him was to tell him there was a pandemic. He has a hard time knowing when he's not wanted.

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