“Dispatches from the Borough 2: A few more words and lot more pants”

WATSON: The grass was too high out there. I couldn’t get my usual hops.
ME: Your usual what?
WATSON: Hops. You, know, jumps. I couldn’t jump as high as I normally would, you know, because of the high grass and all.
ME: Is that why you were slower than usual, too?
WATSON: How dare you!
ME: Calm down, Cheetah. I’m kidding. You were tracking those fly balls down like your favorite player, Bryce Harper!
WATSON: I knew you’d come around to liking him.
ME: Oh, I’ve always liked him. I only hated him when he played for the Nationals. I loved him the moment he signed with us!
WATSON: Hey, that’s Philly for ya!