I’m A Fan Fridays!

chris_thileHappy Friday, my dears!

For today’s edition of I’m A Fan Fridays!, I’m incredibly excited to share the mandolin genius of Chris Thile with you.

This is a terrific introduction-type video you can use as a jumping off point to enjoying his marvelous work.


You’d better make sure that when you play this video you have a bit of time in your schedule, because you will most definitely get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole, listening to performance after performance after performance.   It will be just too hard to stop!



I’m a fan Fridays!

musicboxI love when artists take what they do and cross genres.  We can be so quick to place someone and their particular talents in a box, and when we do, we can miss some really extraordinary things.

Here is an amazing performance by Chris Thile.  He is a mandolinist, perhaps most well known for his bluegrass playing, but he can do oh so much more!  Check out the video and enjoy your Friday!